In January 2012, Aiden was only 11 years old. He was our beautiful, happy, fun loving boy, who liked nothing more than playing football for both his School, and Sunday League Teams, as well as listening to his favourite music, and meeting up with all his friends.
Our lives were suddenly turned upside down, when Aiden was diagnosed with an extremely rare aggressive tumour on his left kidney, after a hospital visit for a stomach complaint. Nothing could have prepared us for this devastating news, and the huge impact it would have on our family, and although we were told that the prognosis was not good, we never gave up hope.
Aiden endured nearly 2 years of chemotherapy and drug trials, but never complained or moaned, and nearly always had a smile for everyone, despite the pain he was in, or how sick he felt.

Sadly none of his treatment had any impact on the tumour, and it eventually spread to his liver, spine, and pelvis, and Aiden finally lost his battle against this terrible disease on 28th November 2013. Our hearts are broken and they can never repaired…….to lose a child is unbearable and should never happen.

We are so proud of our amazing son, and felt as a family we wanted to continue Aiden’s name in some way, as well as helping other families going through a similar trauma, therefore The Aiden Goodwin Foundation was created.